Data Centre Generators

In today's world, data is what keeps everything moving. Even the shortest power cut may compromise essential data services and result in economic losses. Protecting your clients' data and maintaining networks and systems is a very important job.

When it comes to providing customised, reliable, secure data centre generators power, you can trust FG Wilson. We are experts in the field and our expertise allows us to design, build and efficiently install tailor-made power systems, that meets your specifications, timescales and budget.

Our comprehensive range of robust diesel data centre generator sets provide powerful solutions, designed specifically to interface with your systems, control mechanisms, redundancy requirements and often challenging surroundings. Guaranteeing a fast, efficient installation and ongoing rapid emergency support - your power is safe with us.

FG Wilson engineers are skilled in sizing specific power solutions to deal with the required load, from the leading power factor for UPS to the chilling loads required for modern data centre servers. We conduct complete system testing of our data centre generators and offer preventative maintenance agreements as well as providing emergency response support to safeguard your business in the long-term.

With a worldwide dealer network and an extensive stock of FG Wilson genuine parts, support for your data centre generator is always at hand all year around.

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