Rental Range PRO300-1

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Key Specs

Minimum Rating
240 kVA / 300 kW
240 kVA / 300 kW
Maximum Rating
275 kVA / 344 kW
275 kVA / 344 kW
Emissions/Fuel Strategy
Fuel optimised
Fuel optimised


PRO Rental

"The PRO Rental Range provides reliable power for today's world with a competitive offering that delivers everything you need. Providing unrivalled quality


Worldwide Power 50 / 60 Hz Switchable

Enhanced range now has theability to switch between 50 & 60 Hz frequencies on all models. One range is designed to suit you, regardless of where you are in the world.

Economy & Efficiency Viscous Clutch Fan Drive

Improved efficiency as the fan operates only when required and at the appropriate speed reducing parasitic loads and fuel consumption with reduced fan noise. Improved temperature control helps extend the life of the engine.

Efficient Operation from -4 C to 43 C Operation in all elements

Designed to operate in the harshest of environments from high ambience up to 43 C down to -5 C. With additional enhancements such as Coastal Ingress Protection (CIP) PRO units are suitable for a wide variety of rental applications

Product Specifications for PRO300-1

Generator Set Specifications

Engine Specifications

PRO300-1 Standard Equipment


  • Air Cleaner
  • Lube oil drain valve
  • Engine filled with lubrication oil
  • High Coolant Temperature Shutdown
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown


  • Cooling package mounted radiator with 50ºC high ambient capability
  • Variable speed pusher fan with guards
  • Coolant Drain Valve
  • Low coolant level shutdown.
  • 50% coolant antifreeze with corrosion inhibitor


  • Integrated spark arresting silencer with flexible connectors, in separate compartment


  • 593 L single wall fuel tank, 11.3 hr runtime @ 75% prime rating, internal fuel fill
  • Engine mounted primary fuel filter (10micron) with integral water separator and water in Fuel sensor
  • Auxiliary connections for customer supplied fuel transfer with 3 way fuel transfer system, internally mounted within the bunded area.


  • Leroy Somer
  • Coastal insulation protection
  • 230 VAC anti-condensation heater option

Control Panel

  • PowerWizard 2.1+


  • Generator set soft mounted using captive vibration mounts
  • Heavy duty steel base frame contains integral double wall fuel tank
  • Provides 110% spill containment of all engine fluids
  • Forklift pockets and heavy duty drag bar with skid plates

PRO300-1 Optional Equipment


  • Permanent magnet generator (PMG)

Starting and Charging

  • 24V battery charger
  • Earth Leakage


  • Synchronising control panel and motorised breakers
  • Low voltage 60 Hz configuration including breaker and power cables
  • Anti-condensation heater 230 VAC
  • Coolant heater 230 VAC
  • CE Labelling

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