Powering one of the Biggest Telecom Data Centre in South China

Affordable high speed internet connectivity and user-friendly smartphones has expanded their reach to almost every corner of the world. Data centres enables connectivity around the clock for users to experience a seamless experience, that is now an expectation rather than a desire. Our dealer in China, FG Wilson Shantou, has provided reliable and robust DCC rating gensets to support a data centre owned by China Mobile East Guangdong. It has been regarded as one of the largest and most highly specified data centres in South China.


The China Mobile East Guangdong data centre is spread across 167 acres, with 300,000 square  metres of building area. A total of 1225 racks was placed into operation in Phase 1 of the construction and FG Wilson Shantou was privileged to supply 12 units of FG Wilson 2,000kW high voltage diesel generators to maintain a steady supply of electricity to this data centre. Guangdong East Data Centre project will be available for about 200,000 to 300,000 servers.  

China telecoms Data Center