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Power Quality in One Complete Package

Just sit for a moment and think back twenty years, to the way you worked then, how you communicated, how easy, or difficult it was to find information.  And if you’re lucky enough to be too young to remember that far back, imagine no instant communication, using pen and paper, faxes, letters, floppy disks, unconnected computers.

In 1999, Menno Parsons was working in the UPS division of an electronics company, watching the birth of the internet.  He could clearly see the growing need for stable, high quality electric power for businesses which were becoming dependent on IT and fast communications.   

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Power On

FG Wilson Customer Magazine, 2017 Q1

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The Power Behind Lebanon

FG Wilson generator sets have been a familiar sight across Lebanon over the last few decades and they've played a big role in contributing towards economic restruction.

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Power for a London Landmark

62 Buckingham Gate, SW1, is a cutting edge, environmentally-sensitive mixed-use development located in Victoria, London, one of the city’s most sought after destinations for office, retail and residential space.

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Climbing Mountains for Customers

We always knew that FG Wilson dealers go to great lengths for customers but to the top of a volcano? Ar Mahn Trading Co. Ltd, FG Wilson dealer in Myanmar, took on a project to install a 72 kVA generator set in an enclosure for customer Cherry FM.

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FG Wilson in the Gulf

The Gulf region has changed much in the last 40 years, rapidly becoming an exciting powerhouse for business and a focal point for innovation.

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Prime Power for Mining

In January 2017, Ar Mahn Trading Co. Ltd, FG Wilson dealer in Myanmar, won a contract to supply three P1250P3 diesel generator sets to Eternal Gold Mining Company.

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Power and Prestigate: 1 and 2 New Ludgate

FG Wilson generator sets are often found in some of London's most prestigious buildings. One of them, 1 and 2 New Lugdate

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Powering the World Winter University Games

This year the World Winter University Games were held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 29 January - 8 February and were the largest sport event in independent Kazakhstan.

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Power For Agriculture Growth

For farmers in many parts of the world, irrigation is a vitally important consideration and the availability of adequate water is critical to the success of a growing season. Irrigation systems need to be reliable, which means they need a steady, constant source of electric power.

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FG Wilson Marks 40 Years in KSA

The last 12 months have been a time of anniversaries for generator set manufacturer FG Wilson: 2016 marked 50 years in business for the iconic brand and this year marks a 40 year presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Keep Powering On

After investing in a generator set, the one thing no one wants is to find that it won’t start just when it’s needed. Maintenance from your FG Wilson dealer will go a long way to ensure your generator set is ready when you need it. And there are several things you can do to help too.

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FG Wilson Expands Pro Rental Range

FG Wilson have expanded their industry-leading PRO Rental range of generator sets with a new PRO100 model. The range has been developed in close co-operation with rental fleet operators and has been designed for lower operator costs and a long and efficient operating life.

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Powering Ahead

Interview with Ganesh Iyer, Power Generation Global Director for Cat and FG Wilson Ganesh Iyer is a man on a mission. Since early 2015, he has held the reins of one of Caterpillar’s most significant power generation teams. His reach covers Cat branded generator sets up to 750 kVA and the entire FG Wilson range from 7 – 2,500 kVA. It’s a task which animates him hugely and has his undivided attention.

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Powering On or Powering Out

Why it’s important to think about lifetime ownership when you buy a generator set. Generator sets are a regular sight across Africa and likely to remain that way for a long time to come. Of course, buying a generator set is one thing. Making sure it has a long and productive life with decent running costs is another. How long is that life? FG Wilson carried out field research of owners of all generator set brands globally and found that an average generator set has a life of about 10 years.

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FG Wilson Reaches for the Sky


In many parts of the world, seismic certification is becoming a key requirement for generator sets, especially where they are installed in large buildings or facilities in urban areas. FGW Jenerator Turkey recently achieved full IBC seismic certification as part of a project to install 19 x 1700 kVA and 2 x 800 kVA generator sets at Skyland Istanbul, the second largest construction project in Turkey in 2016.

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Do You Need Remote Power

FG Wilson remote power P22-1 generator set

Michael Milligan, FG Wilson Account Manager, Global Accounts, talks about an exciting new product range for FG Wilson. “First and foremost, this is a very customer-defined product. We spent a great deal of time simply talking with our customers and dealers and working through issues together to understand what was important,” explains Michael Milligan.

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Powering The World For 50 Years

FG Wilson Family

April 2016
Today when many of us think of the FG Wilson brand, we see a leading global provider of generator sets. But 50 years ago, FG Wilson was just one of many small family companies, with a handful of employees engaged in general engineering.

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P22-1 Stock Available For Immediate Delivery

NEW 22 kVA models for the telecommunications industry

March 2016
50 units of the exciting new P22-1 Level 1 enclosure are now available for immediate delivery. The P22-1 has an enclosed model as standard using the new lower cost CALG-L1 (Level 1) enclosure.

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Generator Sets - The Next Generation

PRO Rental generator set

February 2016
FG Wilson has recently launched the next generation of diesel powered rental generator sets. Introducing the new Professional Rental Operator (PRO) range this range will complement the current XD range whilst increasing the rental offering up to 500 kVA.

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A.R. Jubaili continue to thrive in Lebanese market

Attendees at the Seminar

8th December 2015
FG Wilson's official Dealer in Lebanon, A.R. Jubaili & Co, led by Managing Director Nader Jubaili, hosted an informative seminar in June which enlightened those in attendance as to what they can expect from the next generation of FG Wilson generator sets.

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New is live

New on multiple devices

29th July 2015
We are delighted to announce that we have launched our new public facing website with a completely fresh look and feel.

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On-Site Training For Autex Delegation

People from Autex working with an alternator image

27th March 2015
The pro-activity displayed by FG Wilson’s worldwide network of 370 Dealers was once again evident this week when a delegation from Autex, our official Latvian Dealer, travelled to Northern Ireland for intensive product training.

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Business as Usual for FG Wilson in UK

FG Wilson Dealer Network in UK map

20th October 2014
While Progress Group, an FG Wilson Dealer, has unfortunately gone into administration, the extensive FG Wilson Dealer Network is closely collaborating with us to ensure minimal disruption to Progress’ customers.

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Our team pulls together – literally!

FG Wilson Marketing Team photograph

5th October 2014
Team members don gardening gloves and gathered at the Diamond Jubilee Wood in Whitehead, Co. Antrim to ‘free’ as many saplings as possible.

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FG Wilson funds major research breakthrough

Bonnie Holmes with 'Gennie' the shark photograph

1st August 2014
A major breakthrough in the cross-jurisdictional management of tiger shark movements across the broader south-west Pacific region has been made thanks to research funded by FG Wilson.

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Life is complicated... but ensuring your power supply can be simple...

FG Wilson F Series generator set photograph

1st July 2014
Our latest product range from 32 – 125 kVA provides uncomplicated power assurance with the quality excellence you’ve come to expect from FG Wilson.

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Medical Ship Completes First Leg of its Epic 10,000 mile journey

Vine Trust's, Jubilee Hope medical ship at port photograph

13th June 2014
After setting sail in January 2014, the Vine Trust’s, Jubilee Hope, has completed her last ever ocean voyage and arrived at the first destination of her marathon journey to Lake Victoria.

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FG Wilson Dealers impressed by China factory

FG Wilson dealership personnel outside the Tianjin facility photograph

12th June 2014
A large contingent of the FG Wilson Global Dealer Network recently had the opportunity to visit the FG Wilson production facility in China

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Helping our Dealers Look Good online

FG Wilson dealerships example website screenshot

28th April 2014
In today's increasingly 'online' world, having an effective website is vital to business success.

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Power China welcomes FG Wilson

FG Wilson exhibition stand at the Power China exhibition 2014 photograph

21st April 2014
FG Wilson was delighted to be one of the exhibitors at the 13th China International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition.

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FG Wilson generator set donated to International Charity

FG Wilson generator set on theJubilee Hope medical vessel photograph

24th February 2014
FG Wilson recently donated a generator set to the Vine Trust.

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