Sharing our 'ONE Global Standard' in Dubai

Led by FG Wilson Sales Manager Jonathan Maguire, dealer representative Advance Step and JMG Business Development Manager Nancy Diab, we recently held a seminar in Dubai on the topic of ‘ONE Global Standard’ for a group of distinguished guests from Iraq government ministries, state companies and governates.

The seminar focused on how the same high standard of FG Wilson product quality is maintained globally, regardless of origin of components or assembly. Attendees learned of FG Wilson’s journey from a UK based manufacturer to a global presence served from multiple facilities, and the mechanisms that ensure manufacturing is to the same 'ONE Global Standard'. Attendees also watched video messages from the management of these facilities, who introduced their operations and gave insight into their adherence to the same Caterpillar Quality Management System (CQMS) that delivers the 'ONE Global Standard'.

Attending the event were representatives from several entities including Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities & Public Works; Ministry of Industry & Minerals; and Al-Rasheed State Company for General Contracting. In addition FG Wilson and JMG were honoured to have in attendance Dr. Ali Farhan al-Dulaimi, Governor of Anbar Province.

Questions from attendees led to discussion on how CQMS (Caterpillar Quality Management System) manages the quality of key components from suppliers such as Perkins and Nidec Leroy Somer, and discussion around future technologies to meet decentralised power demands.

Following the event, an attendee commented, “Today we’ve been so encouraged to see how FG Wilson prioritises consistency across all facilities. We’ve very clearly seen how the company, with a global presence, uses multiple manufacturing facilities that carefully adhere to the principles set out in the FG Wilson ONE Global Standard. I am very confident that there is no variance in the standard of FG Wilson product based on origin.”

Upon closing the seminar, Dr. Ali Farhan al-Dulaimi was presented with a commemorative plaque to honour his attendance.

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