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FG Wilson Genuine Parts

Are You Genuine?

Make your investment go further by simply ensuring you always use FG Wilson Genuine Parts. FG Wilson Genuine Parts are designed to complement the other components of your generator set, optimising product performance, fuel efficiency and life span.

Our Dealers are equipped with state of the art parts identification and ordering software, ensuring you have access to the right parts, at the right time with a full warranty.

Why choose FG Wilson Genuine Parts?

Our new filters' innovative design allows your FG Wilson generator set to achieve optimum performance with maximum efficiency, minimum restriction and cost effective service life.

Recognising FG Wilson Genuine Parts

FG Wilson Genuine parts have several distinguishing items that set them apart from counterfeits.

  • Hologram
  • QR Codes on filters for information whilst on-site
  • FG Wilson genuine part packaging as illustrated

We have introduced a customer registration system, allowing you to register your generator set with FG Wilson . Once the registration process has been completed, key filtration and fan belt part number information specific to your generator set serial number will be available.

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