Cool, Controlled and Connected

Controlling temperatures to optimise your generator set performance is never an issue with FG Wilson's range of cooling system options.

In addition to our range of baseframe mounted engine driven radiators, we also offer a comprehensive range of integrated baseframe mounted heat exchanger packages, which can be used in conjunction with a choice of secondary cooling systems.

A complete design package can include:

  • Secondary coolant pumps
  • Generator set ventilation fans
  • Motor and pump control centres
  • Remote radiators to meet the most stringent noise requirements
  • Connections to onsite district cooling circuits

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Project Gallery

Detergent Manufacturing Plant

Detergent factory outside photograph

The cooling systems for this project were roof mounted and consist of electric motor driven air blast coolers.

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FG Wilson Support Cogeneration Power Station

FG Wilson generator plant room photograph

The largest glassware manufacturer in the Ukraine, the Gostomel Glass Plant in Kiev produces up to 1.5 million units per day for use in various industries, for both indigenous and export use.

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FG Wilson Generator set in a container powering a telecom tower

FG Wilson offers a wealth of experience, expertise and know-how. Our engineers, project managers and Dealers have spent a total of forty years becoming industry leaders in meeting power needs around the globe.

Project Gallery

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FG Wilson Generator P110 genset

The FG Wilson range of diesel and gas generator sets provide a superior power solution through its performance, flexible range of features and ease of serviceability in the field.

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