FG Wilson Delivers Vital Power for Russian Health Sector

Technoserv AS delivers power solution for Russian medical center

FG Wilson's health sector prowess has once again been demonstrated by the successful delivery of a vital power solution for a major new medical centre in Russia by Technoserv AS, one of FG Wilson's worldwide network of 370 Dealers.

Technoserv AS recently completed the commissioning and installation of the gas generator sets and combined gas heat exchanger systems for the power station of the Hospital VIT in Nizhny Tagil City, a large city in the Ural District of Russia. The new-generation clinical treatment and rehabilitation centre is a multi-disciplinary facility which specializes in surgery, cardiology and orthopedics in both children and adults.

Technoserv AS designed, built and prepared for operation the completed power plant based on four FG Wilson PG750B gas generator sets, while FG Wilson also supplied additional auxiliary equipment such as circuit breakers, remote radiators, auxiliary water pumps and exhaust silencers. The units work in base load operating mode in the parallel with the local mains grid at full load. For water heating, a combined heat power system was used in conjunction with a local Russian manufacturer CTM.

The power solution delivered by Technoserv AS provided power for over 55,000 sq metres in total, including a hotel for outpatients, houses for doctors and nurses and cafes as well as the 37,000 sq meter medical unit.

Vyacheslav Kul'kov, the director of Technoserv AS branch of in Yekaterinburg City, commented:

"Many years of experience in the development and implementation of solutions in the field of uninterrupted power supply has provided Technoserv AS with the required expertise and nous to identify the most effective method of arranging the diverse technological equipment in each case.

"It goes without saying how vital power supply is to medical centres and it is a strong endorsement of our reputation that these facilities turn to Technoserv AS for their power solution. We know that this multi-disciplinary medical center fully appreciates the skills of Technoserv AS in the field of small energy."

In order to ensure the maximum efficiency of natural gas consumption, the power solution operates in 'tri-generation' mode, producing not only heat but also cold. The combined heat power systems supply exhaust gas heated water to the chemical absorption chiller for cold water produce, meaning the total electric power plant capacity is 2.4 MW and around 2.0 MW thermal or cold water power.

Technoserv AS was founded in 1992 and is now Russia's largest system integrator, with more than 2,000 employees. The company, which has been an official FG Wilson Dealer since 1996, has seven branches in Russia and eight offices in CIS countries.