Publisher's power is fit for purpose thanks to FG Wilson

FG Wilson, the leading global manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets, has successfully completed another headline-grabbing project after helping to deliver a high voltage power solution for one of the UK's leading publishing companies.

Working in conjunction with the Progress Group, FG Wilson once again demonstrated its ability to deliver an integrated project in a busy workplace by installing two HV 2500-1 KVA diesel generator sets to DC Thomson's publishing plant in Dundee, Scotland.

Publishing newspapers and magazines for over a century, DC Thomson produces some of Scotland's strongest newspaper titles, including The Press and Journal, The Courier, The Sunday Post and the Evening Telegraph. Also part of DC Thomson's stable of titles are two of the world's best-loved children's comics - The Beano, first published in 1938 and still going strong, and The Dandy, which switched to a digital only format in December 2012.

The company was installing a new printing press capable of an increased output to improve the productivity and efficiency of its operations in an increasingly competitive economic environment. A fully-reliable backup power resource is required to ensure the printing press is able to meet its range of very strict, daily publication deadlines.


Generator set being installed on-site photograph

FG Wilson and the Progress Group were contracted by engineering consultants blyth & blyth to install the two HV 2500-1 KVA diesel generator sets to DC Thomson's publishing plant. There were a number of steep challenges inherent to this project, none more so than the requirement for the generator sets and containers to be fitted into an extremely confined space.

Given the dynamic nature of the DC Thomson operation and the need for the printing presses to be running round the clock, the installation work also had to be carried out within a very tight time period - no more than six hours on a Sunday morning. In order to minimise on-site installation work to tasks such as cabling, the generator sets and bespoke containers were assembled and integrated together offsite before being transported to the building as a complete package and integrated into the existing high voltage control systems. The 32-tonne generator sets and specially-designed containers were carefully lowered into the DC Thomson building by a 400-tonne crane.

By using their combined expertise, FG Wilson and the Progress Group successfully delivered the backup power system for DC Thomson within a year of its initial conception.

Commenting on the project, Hughie McRobbie, the Progress Group Project Manager who coordinated the installation, said:

"There is always a major element of risk involved when there is a requirement to deliver and integrate a high voltage power solution into a live working environment. DC Thomson required delivery of a backup power solution, which could be installed seamlessly without compromising its print operation, which really is a 24/7 business. FG Wilson and the Progress Group are renowned for meeting client requirements and we did that with this project - crucially, sizing the generator sets to the required dimensions prior to installation." 

"The requirement for offsite manufacturing of the generator sets was addressed by sourcing containers and coordinating installation within a challenging and limited work space environment. While the installation of the electrical was more challenging than first anticipated, FG Wilson and a specialist controls company proved to be the perfect partner, calling upon our considerable experience and expertise as well as being able to work within the tight time and space constraints presented by the project."

The generator sets also have the capacity to synchronise with the Scottish Electricity Authority and export power into the network in a Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) mode.

Derek Main, Associate for Consulting Engineers blyth & blyth, added:

"Installation of the generator sets within a limited available space and extremely tight time constraints were the most significant challenges faced by the team on the project. These were successfully overcome and the project was completed to meet all the requirements, with the additional security of supply for DC Thomson."

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