Madek helps power Ukraine plant

FG Wilson dealer delivers power solution for South Ukranian Nuclear Power Plant

Given the potential for serious human or environmental harm, it goes without saying how vital it is that the emergency power solution delivered for any nuclear power facility is of the highest possible standard. Failure to provide power for cooling systems during a shut-down can cause major accidents, as has been proved in the past.

When the South Ukranian Energy Complex needed a stand-by power supply for the South Ukranian Power Plant, the second largest of its kind in the country, it turned to renowned FG Wilson dealer Madek. One of FG Wilson’s worldwide network of 370 Dealers, Madek successfully completed the delivery of a standby 1100 kVA unit with 880kW capacity.

The P1000P1 diesel generator was fitted to an FG Wilson-manufactured 20-foot C1 type container which is fully weather-proof and sound attenuated. The containerised unit was then installed to the locally manufactured trailer, meaning that it could be transported quickly and efficiently to the connecting point in the case of an emergency.