FG Wilson Takes Power Generation to New Heights at Heron Tower

When the leading manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets, FG Wilson and official UK Dealer, Bells Control Equipment Ltd, were contracted by Skanska to install three FG Wilson 2500 kVA diesel generator sets (4016-TGR-3A) to Heron Tower, the first 'six star' office development in London, the biggest challenge was getting the 20 tonne equipment to the 42nd floor of the sleek new skyscraper and making it fully operational.

The generator sets, which are positioned at one of the highest points in the country, provide 7.5 MVA at 11KV back up power for the 46 floor Heron Tower. One year after the £3 million project was completed, FG Wilson generator sets continue to provide a robust and reliable power supply to tenants at Heron Tower and ensure the smooth running of some of London's most prestigious bars, restaurants and global businesses.

Commenting on the project, James Murphy, director of Bells Control, said: "Working height and noise/vibration levels were the biggest challenges during this project. To overcome this, a crane lift was positioned on Bishopsgate and used to raise the generator sets to the top of the 230 metre high Heron Tower. Due to the weight limitations, the generator set components were offloaded, positioned and re-assembled in the generator room, which was built on the 42nd floor. To keep noise and vibration levels to a minimum an acoustic room was designed and constructed on the 42nd and 43rd floors. The Heron Tower acoustic room was completely isolated from the core structure and incorporates inlet / outlet attenuation, exhaust gas silencers and flue system."


The noise levels of the acoustic room are set at 75dB (A) at 1 metre and NR35 at the nearest office space. The vibration reduction achieved exceeds British Standards requirements at 98.8 per cent. As part of the project Bells Control positioned remote radiators on the 43rd floor complete with all connecting pipe work between the engine and the radiator.

In the basement Bells installed a 42,000 litre diesel bulk storage tank with twin pumps capable of pumping up 45 floors (22 Bars of pressure) to individual day tanks (1000 litres) located in the generator plant room.

Bells Control were also responsible for the supply and installation of five MV Switch boards to the building, consisting of 21 MV switches as well as the installation of a fibre cabling network including a Photo-Voltaic and G59 system. The switches, as well as an additional 150 x LV/MV breakers can be controlled and operated on site or remotely by a dual 'hot' standby PLC system. This increases system resilience by providing full back up control in the event of a network or PLC failure in Heron Tower.

Robert Scott, Regional Sales Manager, and UK, at FG Wilson, comments: "Skanska wanted a reliable and cost effective solution that performed within the constraints of the building. Thanks to the technical expertise of all involved, the project was a great success. It has been a privilege to work on this landmark project which is at the cutting edge of design."