FG Wilson delivers power to iconic 25-storey landmark in Finland

A stand-by power solution successfully delivered by Coromatic has helped Finland's newest and tallest hotel establish itself as one of the country's most iconic landmarks.

The Solo Sokos Hotel Torni in Tampere opened its doors in October 2014 after a two-year building process by main contractor SRV. Boasting 730 beds throughout 305 rooms, the hotel stands at an impressive 88 metres and 25 stories above ground, making it the largest commercial building in Finland.

Coromatic's highly-skilled team of experts managed the design and installation of an FG Wilson P700-1 generator set for the hotel. The standby power solution was designed to secure the operation of the building's fire protection system, refrigerating equipment and customer and service elevators, as well as providing power for some of the hotel's heating and lighting.

The unit was placed in the immediate vicinity of the building, inside a container, which was landscaped to blend with the exclusive setting and to meet the colour specifications provided by architect Sampo Valjus. Coromatic had to call on its many years of experience when designing the system as the nature of the project dictated that multiple factors had to be taken into consideration and managed.

Martin Arhippainen of Coromatic commented:

"Sokor Hotel Torni has very quickly become one of the most iconic buildings in Finland, dramatically enhancing the Tampere skyline and giving the public another landmark to be proud of. We were delighted to have the opportunity to deliver the power solution for the hotel as it was a major endorsement of Coromatic's ability to provide excellent quality FG Wilson generator sets along with expert advice and specialist technical support.


Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

"From the initial blueprint stage it was very clear that safety would be one of the key design criteria and a top-class generator with the proven pedigree of FG Wilson was required to help meet the safety standards and legal requirements. We worked closely with the contractors to ensure we found the optimum design.

"Our highly skilled and experienced team took great care to ensure that full account was taken of environmental concerns, as the hotel's city centre location meant that the generator set's noise levels must be kept low. Fire compartmentalization was carried out for the container and the unit measurements were designed to be compatible with fire protection water pumps. Generator unit deployment, blackout tests and user training also fell under our remit and were successfully delivered."

On completion of the power solution, Juha Kopra, the project manager at the time for the hotel owner SOK Group who was involved in the construction from the beginning, acknowledged the work carried out by Coromatic. He said:

"It is always easier to manage a project when you can rely on the equipment supplier. In addition to the generator system, Coromatic offered us a great customer experience which ensured that the project was a success."

Based in Vantaa and serving the whole of Finland, Coromatic provides excellent quality FG Wilson diesel and gas generator sets as well as offering expert advice and specialist technical support. The company offers whole life cycle support for FG Wilson generator sets, from specification and installation assistance to a comprehensive after sales service tailored to suit bespoke needs and requirements.

FG Wilson products range from 6.8 - 2,500 kVA, including open and enclosed generator sets providing prime and standby power - from standby domestic use, right up to power modules with the ability to operate as complete power stations supplying electricity to national grids.

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