Powering Xiao Tang Shan Hospital in China to Win the Battle Against Covid 19

The global pandemic caused by the highly infectious Coronavirus called for the need to renovate, rebuild and set-up temporary hospitals all over mainland China to save the precious lives of people. During January 2020, the Xiao Tang Shan Hospital was renovated for the treatment of Covid 19 patients, expanding the space to 25000 square metres and 1000 beds. The new temporary healthcare infrastructure required a reliable electrical power supply. 

FG Wilson Shantou worked closely with the FG Wilson factory in Tianjin (China) during this challenging time, to provide the necessary critical power to support the Xiao Tang Shan Hospital as they treated an increasing number of patients by supplying highly reliable and robust diesel generators. 


Speaking about the project James Lau, FG Wilson Shantou Chief Executive Officer said, “Being entrusted at a critical and difficult moment, FG Wilson Shantou utilized all resources as Xiao Tang Shan Hospital was being transformed into an emergency coronavirus hospital. It’s always our social responsibility to support medical systems in the public health crisis. Together, we fight the virus! 

The project highlight is we delivered 3 x P660-3 to site within 36 hours from receiving the order, then FG Wilson Tianjin factory manufactured another 7 x P660-3 in a very short time. When the epidemic eased a bit, we delivered 2 x P2000E1 in containers to strengthen the backup power system of the hospital”.

From 6.8 - 2500 kVA, FG Wilson offer a wide range of diesel fuelled generator sets, built in modern facilities in United Kingdom, Asia, and Latin America.