Working Together To Power Our Fight Against Covid-19 in Bristol

As soon as the global pandemic struck, temporary hospitals were required all over the UK, in order to provide extra capacity for the National Health Service (NHS). In just 24 days, the Exhibition and Conference Centre at the University of West England in Bristol was therefore converted into one of the temporary NHS Nightingale Hospitals in the UK.

To convert the existing infrastructure into a temporary hospital, Power Electrics, our dealer in Bristol, was required to supply 17 FG Wilson power generators ranging in size from 20kVA to 500kVA, to provide additional on-site power, further resilience and redundancy to the mains supply and to act as prime power to sections of the temporary hospital.

Rob Mason, Rental Projects Manager at Power Electrics said; “To meet the challenge of such a quick turnaround for a major project, we explored all options available to us.” A dedicated project management team worked closely with the site contractors to ensure the required 6MW of FG Wilson generator sets was prepared, delivered, installed and commissioned on time.


Utilising the generators synchronising capabilities, medium sized ‘power farms’ were installed for prime power sections of the site. Additional resilience in the form of temporary standby generators was also installed, to work in conjunction with the existing standby generators on site. Integrating multiple generators into the existing building controls and BMS systems provided additional on-site capacity.  All generators on-site are remotely monitored by Power Electrics Service Desk, for instantaneous response to any on-site issues.

The NHS Nightingale Hospital in Bristol was opened at the end of April and with its 300 beds capacity will help in the fight against COVID-19.

Alex Hill, Power Electrics Business Development Manager, declared that “It was an honour for us to play a small part and working with all the suppliers and contractors on-site to assist with the NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol. It was a great team effort