Powering the World Winter University Games

This year the World Winter University Games were held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 29 January - 8 February and were the largest sport event in independent Kazakhstan.  Opened by the President of the Kazakhstan Republic, 2,000 athletes from 58 countries participated, watched by 30,000 spectators. 

FG Wilson dealer Vilson Kazakhstan (Vilson Kz), the authorised FG Wilson dealer in the country since 1996, successfully tendered and supplied power for the games with a comprehensive range of generator sets from their rental fleet.

The two week project involved 18 FG Wilson generating sets with total power output of almost 3,000 kVA. Standard FG Wilson sound attenuated enclosures were fitted to 14 of the units while 4 were installed inside custom-made low ambient containers, specially designed by the engineering team at Vilson Kz for the rental fleet.


For an event of this size and scale, the operating conditions were challenging.  The FG Wilson generator sets supplied power for stadiums, ski-jumps, ski-slopes and hotels housing athletes and guests of the Games.  Two P275H3 units in low ambient rental containers supplied the power for Rahat Palace Hotel, two P330-3 in low ambient containers were installed at the Almaty Arena, the largest stadium in Kazakhstan - Almaty Arena and two P220-3 supplied power for the ski-jumps.

Several P220-6 units in FG Wilson enclosures were installed at the ski-slopes, operating at an altitude over 2200 metres.   

Aigul Tokkulieva, CEO of Vilson Kz, said “All of the stadiums, ski-jumps, ski-slopes and hotels for the games were originally built for the Asian Winter Games in 2011.   Vilson Kz supplied FG Wilson units as stand-by generator sets mounted in containers manufactured by us and they proved to be very reliable units. The main supply criteria for powering the World Winter University Games were competitive rental operating costs and 24 hour service capability.  We’ve been providing rental generator sets for several years now and it was a great privilege for our team to work on this high profile project.”

Vilson Kz operate a rental fleet of FG Wilson generator sets from 30 – 1000 kVA with operating periods of 8 hours to one year and offer delivery, commissioning, maintenance and supply of fuel, together with technical support and routine maintenance for long term rentals. 

To find out more about FG Wilson, visit www.fgwilson.com/