Powering the Mongolian Coal Mines in Extremely Tough Weather Conditions 

Monhorus International LLC, FG Wilson dealer based in Mongolia, have been supporting one of the largest coals mines in Southern Mongolia, Usukhzoos LLC’s Hurenshand, with FG Wilson gensets and aftermarket support for the last 7 years.

Usukhzoos LLC’s Hurenshand coal mine is located approximately 30 kilometers from the nearest town of Gurvantes Sum, Unmugobi. Due to the remote location of the Usukhzoos LLC’s Hurenshand coal mine it was not possible to connect to the local grid as there were a limited number of overhead lines and the substation that was available was inadequate.  Significant investment was required to install 25km of 110kV overhead lines and build a new substation, resulting in investment being delayed for several years.

Monhorus International LLC worked with the customer to understand the electrical demands and supplied a product designed to suit the specific power requirements of the Usukhzoos LLC’s Hurenshand coal mine.  Moving the gensets onto site was a challenge as the infrastructure in this area is extremely basic. The gensets were installed during both summer and winter months which also brought challenges for the team at Monhorus as temperatures in the summer peaked 45 degrees Celsius, while reaching -30 degrees Celsius in the winter months. 


Speaking about the project Mr. Batsaikhan Nyamdash, Director-Sales for Monhorus International LLC said: “We are known to provide dependable product and reliable customer service from several years in Mongolia. Our qualified and experienced engineers worked hard to meet the quality and expectation of Usukhzoos LLC’s Hurenshand coal mines by supplying and servicing FG Wilson genset models P150, P200, P400 since 2015. The customer has experienced FG Wilson product and reliable service by us in the past. The most recent order was for a 2000kVA FG Wilson genset.  This was a challenging task for us, as for the first time we built the customised container in our workshop”.