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Datacentre generators
Datacentre generators

Data Centres

FG Wilson gensets are customised to meet the continuous power supply requirement of any critical data centre. 

Today everyday life is heavily dependent on the internet and the use of data.  From communication with family and friends on social media or video communication to closing multi-million dollar deals, a reliable connection to data has now become essential for everyone. As of January 2021, the active internet users across the world are over 4.66 billion.  Every day 1.145 trillion megabytes of data is generated online.  Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics are helping multinational companies to offer a personalised product communication to the consumer.

This means the data must be available to everyone across the world, 24/7, 365 days a year. This growing demand has placed more and more dependence on data centers, and the need for a dependable and continous supply of data. Data outage is not an option, therefore a continuous source of backup power to support the data centre is essential. To maintain continuous operation of the data centre, the computer equipment has two essential requirements: 

  • Continuous uninterrupted electrical power
  • Continuous cooling of the computer rooms to remove the heat produced from the computer processors

Self-Contained Generator Sets, Which Are Easy To Install And Operate, Designed For A Long And Productive Working Life And Which Represent Value For Money

Customised power solutions offered by FG Wilson

At FG Wilson we understand that every project is unique and may need a tailor-made customised solution. The power requirement for a residential project compared to a data centre can be very different. That means working with consultants on load requirements, finding the right generator set, designing the complete layout of the plant room including exhaust and fuel systems, installation and commissioning. 

When you entrust your power project to us, you get the benefit of our 50 years of experience from highly trained global technical teams who nurture your project from initial design and manufacture through to installation and commissioning. 

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Data Centre Continuous (DCC) Rating

The power supply requirements of a data centre are carefully studied and certified by the Uptime Institute. The organisation is responsible for certifying critical data centres, operating across the world. 


  • Uptime Institute Tier III & IV compliant
  • Developed in conjunction with our engine suppliers, Perkins Engines Co. Limited. 
  • Rated for unlimited hours of operation per year
  • No restriction on average load factor up-to 100% constant load 10% overload is also available 
Click here to view Data Centre Continuous Ratings or contact your local FG Wilson Dealer for more information on our data center generators.

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Every new product is put through rigorous testing and validation before they are launched. Each unit is run for at least 500 hours and tested for rating performance, cooling, vibration, noise, reliability, water ingress and safety. In addition, each genset is tested before it leaves the production facility to ensure our one global quality standard is maintained. 


Testing validation
Testing validation