Growing Confidence In India

During October 2022, our India team welcomed GMMCO and Gainwell Commosales Private Limited to our facilities in Banda, Maharashtra. This event was held to present and discuss the FG Wilson product range to the dealers and give in-depth demonstrations and training to further their knowledge and show how FG Wilson is evolving with new engineering designs and compliance.

This was a great opportunity for us to show dealers the quality of our manufacturing and build further confidence in how we prioritize reliability using our 'One Global Standard', the core ethos of FG Wilson.

FG Wilson has a strong presence in India and look to further this by working closely with dealers to recognise areas where we can thrive together. This initiative will also allow us to be better prepared to introduce FGW Gensets complying with upcoming CPCB IV+ emissions regulations which will allow FG Wilson generators to reach new users and industries.

The event was enjoyed by all and enriched the strong relationship we have with our dealers as we make exciting plans to grow the FG Wilson brand in India.

India dealers event 1
India dealers event 2
India dealers event 3