FG Wilson Powering Russian Port

Erimex supports vital back-up power station for Port St Petersburg container terminal

FG Wilson's position as the leading global manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets has once again been displayed through the delivery by one of its Dealers of a vital power solution for a major port operator in Russia.

Erimex, one of FG Wilson's 380 Dealers worldwide, has successfully supplied six P1875E1 diesel units to Port Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The units will provide a vital back-up power station for the port's container terminal.

It is the first stage of constructing the fully-reliable stand-by power resource for the terminal's productive facilities within the territory of the Russian Federation.

In a second phase the company, a member of the Global Ports Group and a leading port operator in the Russian Federation, has invested in a further four P1875E1 units in FG Wilson's QVR40HC containers - a project which is on schedule to be delivered by the end of the year.

Established in 1992 and an FG Wilson Dealer since 1997, Erimex supplies, installs and commissions diesel, gas and bi-fuel generator sets including the provision of customised turnkey power systems. With an extensive fleet of FG Wilson rental generator sets and full life cycle support services, Erimex guarantees total customer satisfaction for all power needs.

Delighted with the successful delivery of the project, Sergei Rastaturin, Erimex Project Manager, commented:

four P1875E1 units

"We are extremely proud to have delivered a power solution befitting of a leader in the market of port services. The FG Wilson generator sets have a proven pedigree across the globe and will provide immediate back-up power during any shortage. This was a challenging project and the Erimex team proved it had the technical abilities and experience to deliver to specification and on schedule.

"We provided invaluable input on the design from the outset and were the perfect partner to meet all the power requirements. FG Wilson's reputation as a quality global generator set manufacturer combined with our expert local support was key to the success of this installation."

Port Saint-Petersburg is a modern port complex providing loading/unloading, storage, forwarding services, as well as handling of various kinds of cargo; placement of cargo in the customs warehouse; rendering of services for customs registration and tracking.

It also has several modern specialized terminals - container, ferry, refrigerated facilities with all the necessary infrastructure, up-to-date equipment and highly skilled personnel functioning at the port.

Since 2002 the company has implemented a long-term investment programme targeted at the development of the port's infrastructure, increasing the capacity of cargo handling facilities and the improvement of customer service.

Any loss of power at the port's container terminal can cause major disruption, so it is essential that all critical loads are re-supplied as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, the FG Wilson generators, which have been manufactured with due regard to the international regulatory requirements, operate in parallel with each other for the common load.

The units are ready to accept the load power as quickly as possible on mains failure and, on mains return, the load demand of the port terminal is smoothly and seamlessly transferred to the normal mains supplies. Erimex, who were responsible for the complete design of the power station, included underground fuel tanks with a capacity of 25m³ each to feed the generating sets.