Detergent Manufacturing Plant

Country: Syria
Industry Sector: Industry
Product(s): 4 x 2000 kVA Hv units
Application: Standby

Summary: FG Wilson supply high voltage generating sets to detergent manufacturing plant.

The detergent manufacturing plant in Syria required a complete generating set package which would 'black start' their factory power station. For this project FG Wilson supplied four 2000 kVA high voltage sets using Deutz TBD620 diesel engines at 1500 rpm flexibility coupled to Newage Stamford 6000 Volt alternators.

The cooling systems for this project were roof mounted and consist of electric motor driven air blast coolers. To minimise parasitic loads they were designed with engine driven water pumps without intermediate heat exchangers. The exhaust system was externally roof mounted and consists of a two stage silencer package with breakout noise attenuated to 85dBA at 1 meter. The aspiration and cooling air system were specifically designed for the plant room conditions. Each of the four generating sets has its own inlet air system, which is set at a high level and includes weather louvres, bird guards, a locker filtration sand filter assembly with bleed air system, an inlet attenuator, extended ductwork and an intake air electric motor driven axial flow fan. The discharge air system for each of these sets was also designed with motorised louvres and an attenuator with an electric motor driven fan.

Detergent factory outside photograph