New Power For The South Wales Hospital


The South Wales hospital is an important district facility as well as a teaching field for medical students of the local university in Wales, UK. The hospital has recently undergone some changes in its infrastructure and such changes required greater power than what was previously available. A P2250-1 FG Wilson generator set has recently been installed by Power Electrics, FG Wilson dealer in the UK, to replace a much smaller and older unit, which was previously located in a plantroom. The new generator will also keep the hospital up to date with future requirements, such as the G99 legislation, which sets out a list of criteria for connecting generation equipment to the electricity supply network.

As the new generator set was larger, it was not possible to place it in the same plantroom where the older one had been previously stored. Hence the hospital was advised to opt for a containerised package solution. Finding a location for a containerised solution near the switch room proved challenging on an already busy hospital site. Besides, the chosen location required exhaust fumes to be dispersed away from adjacent building air inlets.  The team at Power Electrics have a wide experience in defining and completing complex installations and provided a power solution to meet the client’s specific requirements.


To keep footprint to a minimum, the containerised package made use of a roof mounted inlet and an offset outlet in order to retain areas of public access. To account for exhaust fumes dispersion requirements, the installation was equipped with a special self-supporting chimney stack. The bunded day fuel tank was linked to the existing bulk fuel storage system. Power Electrics team worked with the client to implement a fully synchronising ComAp control system with multiple mains supplies. The control system is also future proofed to enable connection of a second set in the future.  The project took nine months in total, from order to completion.

Leon Shakleton, Contracts Manager at Power Electrics, said: “We know how crucial reliable back-up power is for healthcare facilities. Our project proved successful and we were also able to integrate new switchboards and ensure the client is now updated with the latest G99 legislation”