Reaching Great Heights In Vietnam


Fanispan Mountain in Vietnam is the tallest mountain in Indochina, 3,143 metres above sea level. FG Wilson Vietnamese dealer Tuong Viet Trading, installed and commissioned 4 x P900E1 and 1 x P1250P3 to provide standby power for the mountain’s cable car system which climbs 1,410 metres, running to the highest peak in Northern Vietnam. 

The cable car holds two world records: the ‘longest non-stop three-wired cable car at 6292.5m’ and the ‘greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three-wired cable car at 1410m.’ Each cable car cabin can accommodate up to 35 guests, with a transport capacity of up to 2,000 people per hour. The 6 km ride takes only 25 minutes to reach the peak, which would otherwise be an exhausting three days, two nights trekking expedition.  

With temperatures in the mountain ranging from -5 to 14 degrees celsius, the team at Tuong Viet  Trading had to ensure generators were delivered and installed throughout summer months, avoiding harsh winter conditions. 


Due to weight constraint, the generators were first shipped to Ho Chi Minh City where the team decoupled the alternators from the engine, before being transported 1800 km by road to the foot of the mountain. Each component was then loaded to utility cable cars to the peak of Mount Fansipan and reassembled in the engine room. 

The engine room and synchronising system was set up by Tuong Viet Trading as a turnkey project,  with engineering teams on standby 24/7 during the month of the opening ceremony.  

FG Wilson has also supplied generators to another cable car system in Ba Na Hill in Middle Vietnam, which holds the world record in highest non-stop single track cable car at 1,368m.