Quality generator sets with right time, right place delivery

Quality generator sets with right time, right place delivery

Providing you with reliable, fuel-efficient diesel and gas generator sets, manufactured to the highest UK standards, with right time, right place delivery has always been our goal - for every customer, every time.

With manufacturing facilities across the world - Brazil, China, India, USA and headquarters in Northern Ireland - and a capacity to produce in excess of 130,000 generator sets per year, we remain committed to this goal with quality products that adhere to ONE GLOBAL STANDARD and a logistics network that spans the globe.

Our one global quality standard ensures that regardless of where your FG Wilson generator set is built, it is designed and manufactured to the highest UK standards to ensure a quality product every time. With world-class production processes replicated at all our manufacturing facilities, each achieving MQ 2500, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, you can be assured of one uniform manufacturing standard.

With the opening of our product distribution centre (PDC) in Zeebrugge, Belgium, the central hub of Europe, our product has reached a new level of availability to the market. Comprising of over 3,000 sq. metres of generator set space and managed by logistic experts, this facility stocks over 200 generator sets - ready for immediate delivery to rapidly fulfil our customers' power needs.

View more information at our 'One Global Standard' and 'Global Product Availability' web pages, or simply contact us via your nearest FG Wilson Dealer.