Testing Facilities

Testing Facilities

Engineering Excellence that Sets Us Apart

Built into every generator set is our unrivalled engineering expertise coupled with our innovative production methods to deliver power systems with outstanding quality and reliability.

Our continuous flow assembly process, installed at a cost of $5m, optimises our production efficiencies and product quality by streamlining assembly and incorporating thorough testing for defects at every stage of the build process.

The recent $26m investment in our Engineering Centre of Excellence, has provided world class validation and testing facilities and also houses Europe's largest fully automated hemi-anechoic chamber, providing state of the art acoustic research and test capabilities. At company headquarters in Northern Ireland, we also have over 15,400 m2 of factory space dedicated to the creation of Solutions products.

Our manufacturing processes include unique in-house design and production methods including exhaust muffler design, noise reduction solutions, control systems and finish paint processes.

Product Validation

Our team of Product Validation Engineers conduct extensive prototype testing on all new product designs ensuring compliance to design specifications and legislative requirements. Typical product validation programmes include load acceptance, cooling, vibration, noise and water ingress tests.


Witness test facilities

With eleven witness test cells we provide witness and special test facilities for testing our generator sets with resistive load capacity up to 12 mW and inductive load of 3 mVA. High voltage testing is offered up to 5 mVA at 13.8 kV to simulate conditions when generator sets are installed in the field. In addition, we provide testing that simulates the onsite installation of multiple generator sets running with their associated equipment. We also offer cooling system performance, control system, vibration, sound and fuel consumption checks.

Tested by us, trusted by you.