Global Facilities

World Class Global Facilities, World Leading Power Generation

As a world leading power generation manufacturer for over 50 years, our focus, as always, is on delivering expertly designed, quality diesel and gas generator sets to you, to power your world.

With the capacity to produce in excess of 130,000 generator sets each year, our manufacturing facilities span over 186,000m2 and include Europe's largest fully automated hemi-anechoic chamber, alongside state of the art acoustic research and test facilities.

Our innovative team of Design Engineers at company headquarters continuously develop and adopt product improvements, which are manufactured to ONE Global Standard to ensure we consistently manufacture quality products around the world.

Our world leading reputation in power generation is not something we take for granted. With continuous investment in our facilities and production capabilities and a search for engineering excellence in all we do, we truly believe we are best placed to deliver your power, to where ever you are in the world.