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The 35 - 220 kVA range provides reliable power for today's world with a competitive offering that delivers everything you need. Providing unrivalled quality, the 37 - 220 kVA range of products offers a trusted performance with an enhanced choice of options, optimising the range for a variety of diverse applications and environments. Designed with the demands of today's world in mind, this range will deliver power solutions in all sectors, from industry and retail to finance and healthcare.

Generator Set Specifications

50 Hz Prime 135 kVA / 108 kW 135 kVA / 108 kW Less
50 Hz Standby 150 kVA / 120 kW 150 kVA / 120 kW Less
Emissions/Fuel Strategy Fuel Optimised Fuel Optimised Less
Voltage 400/230V 400/230V Less
Frequency 50hz 50hz Less
Speed 1500 RPM 1500 RPM Less

Engine Specifications

Engine Model Perkins® 1106AA-70TG1 Perkins® 1106AA-70TG1 Less
Compression Ratio 18.2:1 18.2:1 Less
Governor Type Mechanical Mechanical Less
Stroke 135 mm 135 mm Less
Bore 105 mm 105 mm Less
Displacement 7l 7l Less

Diesel Engine

These Perkins engines have exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership. Offering a reliable and trusted performance backed up by countless hours of validation.


The range incorporates the FG Wilson branded alternator as standard delivering optimal performance suitable for all standard power generation applications.


The FG100 offers simple, intuitive menu navigation and control of your generator set operations, ket features such as remote monitoring allow you to control your generator set with ease. Key information is displayed via the LCD display using universally recognised symbols, eliminating the need for complex instructions or language settings.

Design Criteria

Prime Rating These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power. There is no limitation to the annual hours of operation and this model can supply 10% overload power for 1 hour in 12 hours. Standby Rating These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in the event of a utility power failure. No overload is permitted on these ratings. The alternator on this model is peak continuous rated (as defined in ISO 8528-3). Standard Reference Conditions Note: Standard reference conditions 25°C (77°F) Air Inlet Temp, 100m (328 ft) A.S.L. 30% relative humidity. Fuel consumption data at full load with diesel fuel with specific gravity of 0.85 and conforming to BS2869: 1998, Class A2.

Single-Source Supplier

Fully prototype tested with certified torsional vibration analysis available

World Wide Product Support

FG Wilson manufactures product in the following locations: Northern Ireland • Brazil • China • India With headquarters in Northern Ireland, FG Wilson operates through a Global Dealer Network.

P150-1A Standard Equipment

  • High Coolant Temperature Shutdown
  • Engine filled with lubrication oil
  • Lube oil drain valve
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
  • Air Cleaner

  • Package mounted radiator
  • Fan, Fan drive and battery charging Alternator drive fully guarded to meet EC Machinery Directive
  • Radiator & Cooling Fan
  • Cooling System filled with Coolant mix
  • Coolant Drain Valve

  • Exhaust flange outlet
  • Exhaust stub pipe and gasket

  • Fuel Fittings for Local and Remote Feed
  • 8 Hr Fuel Tank

  • SHUNT Excitation
  • IP21 Protection
  • FG Wilson

  • Base, Formed Steel with Single wall Fuel Tank
  • Battery Tray and Cables
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Certified Base Mounted Lifting Eyes, and Rear Drag Eyelets

P150-1A Optional Equipment

  • Industrial Silencers

  • Battery Charger with Auto Boost
  • Control Panel RS485 Module

Control Panels
  • Neutral Earth Link

  • Lead Acid battery (Dry)

  • Silencer Indoor Installation Kit
  • Sound attenuated enclosure
  • 4 Pole Circuit Breaker up to 250A
  • Low / high fuel level shutdowns and alarms