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Health care - Critical Power Supply

Critical Back-Up Generators for Hospitals, Medical Centres and Clinics

In healthcare, the health safety of your patients is paramount so you need a reliable, rapid response power system.

For an industry-leading supplier with a flexible product range and over fifty years experience of meeting power generation challenges head on...choose FG Wilson. With stakes soo high when it comes to health you cant afford to take any risks. Trust FG Wilson to deliver your power needs with reliable product and responsive support services. We have a robust range of back up generators for health in hospitals, medical centres and clinics.


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FG Wilson Dealer 'Serving' Russia's health sector well

Outside photograph of the medical centre in Russia

FG Wilson's health sector prowess has once again been demonstrated by the successful delivery of a vital power solution for a major new medical centre in Russia by Technoserv AS, one of FG Wilson's worldwide network of 370 Dealers.

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FG Wilson transforms health services at Forth Valley Hospital

FG Wilson containerized generator set being craned onto site photograph

There can be fewer greater requirements for an ever-reliable standby power supply than in a busy hospital. Put simply, lives could be lost if vital electronic equipment fails.

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When it comes to providing reliable power for the healthcare sector, FG Wilson have a wealth of experience. With a comprehensive, robust product range, a host of enclosed and containerised units and the experience and know-how to manage redundant protection, and challenging spaces, you know who to trust - FG Wilson.


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