Jubilee Hope 10,000 mile journey powered by FG Wilson

Jubilee Hope 10,000 mile journey powered by FG Wilson

After setting sail in January 2014, the Vine Trust's, Jubilee Hope, has completed her last ever ocean voyage and arrived at the first destination of her marathon journey to Lake Victoria.

The Jubilee Hope, which is powered by two FG Wilson generator sets, reached Mombasa on 2nd May, after 101 days on sea. The preparation for the next part of the journey has already began, with teams working to dismantle and re-paint the medical vessel before it embarks on a 1,200km trip across the roads of Kenya.

Once the Jubilee Hope reaches final destination of Kisumu on Lake Victoria, she will begin her 20-year journey of providing medical services, to an estimated number of 1 million patients. The medical services onboard include a full dental surgery, 2 consulting areas, an area for eye surgery, a laboratory as well as accommodation for up to 19 crew and medical personnel.

Throughout it's future 20 years sailing on Lake Victoria, it is expected the medical vessel will deliver primary care service to an estimated 153 island communities in the Tanzanian region of the lake.