FG Wilson Dealers impressed by China factory

FG Wilson Dealers impressed by China factory

A large contingent of the FG Wilson Global Dealer Network recently had the opportunity to visit the FG Wilson production facility in China. As part of an event enabling FG Wilson management to meet face to face with our distribution partners, Dealers were given a tour of our factory in Tianjin.

For many, it was their first visit and they were clearly not disappointed. As one Dealer commented, "it is a world-class facility." Another found the factory to be "well laid out, work flow is well coordinated and the staff seem well motivated." "Discipline & commitment" was evident throughout the facility.

We promise our customers that FG Wilson generating sets are manufactured to One Global Standard of quality regardless of which of our production facilities they are built in. FG Wilson Dealers can testify to this and are keen to bring their customers to Tianjin, China to witness the excellent manufacturing standards for themselves.

FG Wilson would like to thank those Dealers who made the journey to visit our Tianjin, China factory with us.