Business as Usual for FG Wilson in UK

Business as Usual for FG Wilson in UK

While Progress Group, an FG Wilson Dealer, has unfortunately gone into administration, the extensive FG Wilson Dealer Network is closely collaborating with us to ensure minimal disruption to Progress' customers.

FG Wilson Dealers have responded and are helping to fulfil orders, provide warranty support and meet any other Progress Group commitments where possible. Several FG Wilson Dealers are reinforcing their sales capacity though additional investment in facilities and personnel. In particular, Dieselec Thistle Generators (www.dieselecthistle.co.uk) will shortly establish an office in the Yorkshire area and they, along with Power Electrics (www.powerelectics.com) have taken on former Progress employees who are experienced power generation experts. This will help ensure the FG Wilson policy of superior pre and post sales support is maintained for its customer base in the UK.

For further support on FG Wilson products and services please visitwww.fgwilson.com.