Importance of generator set maintenance

Importance of generator set maintenance

After investing in a generator set, the one thing no one wants is to find that it won’t start just when it’s needed.  Maintenance from your FG Wilson dealer will go a long way to ensure your generator set is ready when you need it.  And there are several things you can do to help too.

Most generator sets are designed for a long and productive life, with the latest diesel engine technology and will happily operate in almost all environments of extreme heat or cold.  When they are well maintained, generator sets operate effectively in very low temperatures:  a standard FG Wilson generator set will start comfortably down to -10°C ambient temperatures, -20°C with a jacket water heater and some have been specially designed to operate in ambient temperatures as low as -50°C.

Once installed, just as with any machinery, there are some very simple steps you can take to look after a generator set and ensure it starts first time in all weather:

  • Check fluid levels (oil, coolant, fuel) before the onset of cold weather
  • Check rubber components such as hoses, fan drive belts weekly
  • Drain any water from the fuel system
  • Once started, don’t power off the engine until it has reached a minimum operating temperature of 80°C.  This prevents intake valves and exhaust valves from sticking
  • Check air cleaners and the air intake daily, more often in snowy conditions
  • Fill the fuel tank when the generator set is powered off
  • Keep all the batteries fully charged and warm (this is especially important if the generator set is not operating regularly)

Sometimes, the simplest steps are also among the most effective.  Some of the most common reasons why generator sets fail to start are because the battery has lost its charge, the unit has run out of fuel, or had poor quality fuel pumped into the tank.  These are easily taken care of with a low cost battery charger and just keeping an eye on the fuel situation.

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