Providing reliable power for chicken farming

Which Comes First: Reliable Power Supply or the Egg?

For chicken farming, whatever the scale of the operation, reliable electrical power is crucial. To help maintain airflow, incubate eggs and keep the birds warm, reliable back-up power supply is essential. If the mains grid fails, and if it’s a long-term outage, the stock losses would be both tragic and financially disastrous.

That’s why one of Australia’s leading chicken and egg operations needed a reliable standby system. To ensure continuity of their power supply, they called AllightSykes for a high-quality FG Wilson generator set. 

“It’s total peace of mind knowing that the reliability of the FG Wilson generator set is ready to kick-in if the grid fails. It’s very satisfying,” said the General Manager, Farm Operations. “To my mind, it’s almost like having an extra special type of business insurance.  It’s great to know it’s there if the power goes out.  Unless they make the grid 100% fail-safe, it’s vital to the survival of our chickens and our business too.”

If your business never stops, and the continuity of your electrical power supply is absolutely essential, then AllightSykes and FG Wilson are ready with a standby power solution.

In recent years, wild storms bringing down major power lines and power-grid outages during peak-supply periods have caused havoc for many businesses. Even more, these same businesses are striving to reduce operating costs, whilst looking to reduce their environmental footprint too.  So, the need for reliable, efficient and effective standby-power is critical.

When power supply is crucial, trust FG Wilson.

“When the cost of grid-power started to soar in Australia, the market became very price sensitive,” says Garrin Angel, AllightSykes Product Lifestyle Manager for Power Products. “So low-cost, low-quality power products came to market. But the buyers of the lower cost generator sets often regretted their purchases as lower quality units don’t stand-up to the rigours of demand, especially in this country’s conditions.  We really need robust machinery. It’s quite simple really: if you invest in standby power, it needs to work when it’s needed, full stop.”

Garrin is now seeing the expectations of buyers rise again. “Product quality, high-performance and support are what our customers are looking for, so I’m proud to be offering such a wide range of high-performing standby power-solutions. The partnership between AllightSykes and FG Wilson offers the best-quality, highest performing generators in the market today,” he explains.

FG Wilson’s global reputation for delivering reliable power is second to none. “It’s extremely reassuring to know you’ve purchased the best quality, but it’s also important that reliable service and helpful support continues after the unit is installed and operational,” says Garrin.  “At AllightSykes, we offer an industry-leading level of after-sales support.  Throughout Australia and New Zealand, AllightSykes workshops are staffed by highly trained FG Wilson specialists.”

“We help our clients by providing a professional care plan and regular service schedule. We can offer a lifetime of support to their FG Wilson standby power solution,” says Garrin.

Is your business ready for grid failure?

The long list of clients purchasing reliable power solutions from AllightSykes reads like a who’s who of Australian and New Zealand businesses. From mining to agriculture, from construction to utility companies, from healthcare to manufacturing, if the business can’t afford to stop, they all trust FG Wilson.

“With a range of robust and compact diesel-powered units available, there’s an FG Wilson generator set to suit your needs. Every unit is designed for optimal performance in even the harshest conditions and our design and engineering team can custom-configure your generator to support a range of complex solutions in critical applications,” says Garrin.  “As the exclusive Australian and New Zealand dealer for FG Wilson, we’re also the number one choice in remote areas where prime power is unavailable or unreliable. With over 50 years of experience, FG Wilson is a giant in the power generation space with a product range from 6.8 to 2,500 kVA. We always keep numerous units in stock and are ready for rapid delivery.”