The Power Behind Lebanon

The Power Behind Lebanon

FG Wilson generator sets have been a familiar sight across Lebanon over the last few decades and they’ve played a big role in contributing towards economic reconstruction.  

FG Wilson offers a full range of generator sets up to 2,500 kVA, but the average product comes in at about 150 kVA and it’s probably these compact generator sets for which FG Wilson is best known.  These trace origins back to the 1980s with the launch of a new, and for the time, innovative range of high volume, ready-to-run, standard generator sets.

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FG Wilson Managing Director Ann Brown says this was a game changer.  “We probably didn’t realise it at the time, but FG Wilson revolutionised an entire industry with a new approach to manufacturing and marketing generator sets, developing self-contained small power units which were easy to buy and operate and required a minimum of installation work.  Before this, the industry was populated by small, bespoke operations, but FG Wilson’s approach to design, quality, manufacturing and service took the industry to a new level.”

Agreements were signed with major suppliers, particularly Perkins, and over 30 years ago in 1986, FG Wilson became Perkins first electric power OEM.  That close working relationship continues today with validation and testing data shared between the two brands. 

The new ready-to-run products were perfect for the Lebanese market.  FG Wilson had been present in Lebanon since the late 1970s, and when most Western companies were exiting the market, FG Wilson took great care to maintain the same presence in Lebanon, even during the difficult times of the early 1980s. 

Dealers were appointed including in 1986, A.R. JUBAILI & CO, who have been the mainstay of FG Wilson’s presence in Lebanon.  Today A.R. JUBAILI & CO are a full service dealer offering the complete FG Wilson range of generator sets including P Models (Perkins-powered), F Models (FG Wilson-powered) and power solutions for projects.  Service includes a full range of pre and after sales support including installation and commissioning, on-site support, preventive maintenance contracts,  24/7 emergency call-out support for repair and overhauling, warranty and parts across the entire FG Wilson product range. 

Service and support play a big part at A.R. JUBAILI & CO.  Layal Shoumar, Operations and Corporate Strategy Manager at A.R. JUBAILI & CO says, “People have very low tolerance of power outages today, especially those who have grown up with the internet and expect instant telecommunications connection.  When you buy an FG Wilson generator set today, you get a quality product and the same level of service as you’d see in the automotive industry, in other words complete lifetime support.  It’s as close as you get to a guarantee of power.”

Ann Brown echoes this point.  “It’s very easy to think of a generator set only in terms of the engine inside and while that is important, our global research indicates that an engine in a generator set only accounts for about 1 in 4 of after-sales support needs.  You need a supplier who can fully support the entire package.  A.R. JUBAILI & CO have been outstanding service partners for our Lebanese customers.”

Today Lebanon feels more like a home market for FG Wilson.  Over 30,000 generator sets have been shipped there since 1990, with a total power output of 3GW, greater than the local installed mains supply. 

But there’s no resting on laurels.  Ann says, “We cherish the past but we’re also looking forward to the future.  Yes there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but we live in an exciting and demanding world with a growing need for electric power.  We’re designing products and services aimed squarely at meeting those needs.”

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