STOR - Supporting the National Grid

Powering the Grid

In the UK, at peak electricity usage times and especially in winter months, the National Grid sometimes needs extra flexibility to bring on more generating capacity when demand for electricity is higher than forecasted or when an unexpected event happens.  

This is called the Short Term Operating Reserve, an initiative where the National Grid buys electric power from independent service providers who may generate power from standby generator sets.  FG Wilson have supplied some of these service providers in the past and in May secured a new order for 96 x P550-2 and 42 x P1700P1 packaged in containers rated at 85dBA @1 metre. 

These units will deliver 100MW of short term power into the UK grid at times of high demand.  This order follows on the recent successes of 7 x containerised gas PG1250B2 and 56 x sound attenuated P715-3.

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