Pruva 34: Power and Prestige in Istanbul

Pruva 34:  Power and Prestige in Istanbul

Istanbul is officially Europe’s largest city with a population of almost 15 million and still growing rapidly.  Today, demand for quality housing has never been stronger.  Pruva 34 is one of those in-demand housing developments, located in the heart of Istanbul and overlooking the Marmara Sea in Bakırköy, one of Istanbul’s most desirable neighbourhoods.  The prestigious residential project has been carving a niche for itself in the Turkish construction industry, offering high quality modern and functional apartments. 

Pruva 34 has been developed by Doğa Madencilik, part of the Doğa Group, well known for projects that combine state-of-the-art technology products with contemporary architecture in safe, high-quality and durable buildings.

FGW Jeneratör Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has represented FG Wilson in Turkey since 2005 and has built a strong reputation for excellent management of major power projects in developments like Pruva 34.  Doğa Madencilik commissioned the FG Wilson team to supply generator sets and provide design support for the generator room and equipment.  Seven P900E1 generator sets were ordered to meet a requirement for 6,300 kVA and were installed as two separate synchronised groups, one of two generator sets and one of five generator sets.  Each synchronisation panel is equipped with PLC equipment and HMI control interface which were programmed so that the panels can control the electric load and integrate remote SCADA communication. Seismic precautions were built into the generator room, where there was a strict noise requirement of 75 DBA @ 7 metres.

The team from FGW Jeneratör provided installation design of the generator room in accordance with local fire code requirements, also managing the design of the synchronisation panel and providing a consultancy service for sound isolation, seismic isolators and a daily fuel system.   

The entire installation was designed specifically for the customer, using minimal space for the generator sets, because floor space in the development is among the costliest in Istanbul.    

Speaking about the project, Electrical Chief for Doğa Madencilik, Mr Cemil MERAL said: “The team from FGW Jeneratör really grasped what had to be done to make this project a success and it’s going to be completed well on schedule.  Our customers will catch the opportunity to experience the FG Wilson performance and quality. We are very happy to work with FGW Jeneratör once again and to have FG Wilson generator sets installed in another of our developments.”

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