FG Wilson Turkey Powering European Data Centre in Istanbul

With a prime strategic position between East and West, throughout history, Turkey has always been a renowned trading hub.  And today, Turkey’s entrepreneurs have a new edge.  The country has a young, vibrant population (average age just over 30) and Istanbul, with its 15 million people, is at the centre of a thriving hi-tech industry. 

Supporting that and helping to drive it is a growing data centre infrastructure in the country.  One new data centre being built in Greater Istanbul makes no bones about it:  named European Data Centre, it’s going to bring more online capacity to meet the growing demand for colocation and interconnection services in Turkey.

The European Data Centre will not only provide direct and secure connectivity for the expanding Turkish economy, it will also sustain accelerated traffic and data transfer, as well as the rapid growth of cloud and online services around the entire Eurasia region.  Once fully operational, it will be one of the largest data centres in Turkey with state-of-the-art hardware, at world-class standards. 

https://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/Caterpillar/CM20191205-2f073-08e83 https://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/Caterpillar/CM20191205-2f073-08e83

Data centres need electrical power which is stable, reliable and high quality.  Power outages are not in the data centre playbook and the new European Data Centre is designed to meet the Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 standard which means no more than 1.6 hours of down-time in a year.  And that’s where FG Wilson Turkey have a part to play in this story.  As the leading supplier of power systems to data centres in the country, the new data centre will always have electric power thanks to the installation of FG Wilson generator sets. FG Wilson Turkey has been working closely with the designers, builders and owners to ensure that power needs are fully met and many technical meetings have been held both in Turkey and in Larne, UK, where the generator sets have been produced and tested. 

The installed generator sets, powered by Perkins 4012 series engines, have a capacity of 20 MVA. The design includes double-walled fuel tanks, fuel polishing system, fuel control systems, advanced synchronization panels with PLC system, special container systems for sound insulation and weatherproof purposes, critical type exhaust silencers and over 20 metres of exhaust piping systems.  The design has been fully tested and validated by FG Wilson and FG Wilson Turkey engineers.

Speaking about the project, Murat Erden, Business Development Manager at FG Wilson Turkey said, “This is a truly exciting project.   We are proud to be entrusted with a project of this kind and proud to be playing our part in the big challenge of our times: connecting and bringing the world closer together through technology.”

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